Why You Should Never Microwave Baby Food


Hey, I know its 2016 and we’re all so technologically advanced and whatnot. And while I may remind you of your Grandma when I say this, I must insist, don’t ever microwave baby food or milk!

And I’ll tell you why you should avoid this wolf in sheep’s clothing

First off, a negative point every microwave user knows is uneven heating.  To explain this, I’ll briefly describe how a microwave actually works: Electromagnetic microwaves are radiated/ emitted from the inner microwave walls. They bounce off the opposite wall, heating whatever comes in the way. Unlike conventional ovens and stovetops which heat from the outside to the inside, microwave ovens heat food by targeting the water molecules of the food. Where there are more, the food will be burning hot; if there isn’t any water, it’ll be stone cold! Therefore, when you heat a bowl of baby food or a baby bottle, some parts may be cooler. This will make you think it’s the right temperature to feed the baby. However, some parts inside may be too hot, and burn the baby’ mouth and throat. Some people work around this by stirring the food during and after heating, but it’s still a big risk to take.


Moving on to more technical side of the matter

Microwaves heat by destroying, deforming, and de-neutralizing the molecules of the food.

This is not good. This is not healthy. This is not what you want for your baby.

Among other things, heating food or milk in a microwave lessens its Vitamin B12 content. This vitamin is essential for the formation of red blood cells i.e. prevents anemia.  Breast milk is the most affected by microwaves.  The enzymes which occur naturally in breast milk are important for digesting bacteria and protecting the baby against harmful pathogens. Microwave radiation breaks down and destroys these essential enzymes. The radiation also decreases the antibody content of breast milk, which immunizes the baby.

Did you know?  Microwaving baby food can result in Cancer

If you didn’t, now you do. Chuck the monster out! Microwave radiation decreases the Flavonoid content (by almost a whopping 97 %!) of the baby food. These Flavonoids, when ingested, would fight inflammation and cancer cells in the body. Similarly, Sinapic acid and its derivatives which occur in food find and neutralize any free radicals and cancerous agents in the baby’s body.  By microwaving the food, you’re destroying both of these, which leaves your baby more vulnerable to infections, inflammations, and microbial diseases.

Microwaving causes degeneration of nutrients. It can also add hormone-disrupting chemicals to your baby’s food

Yes, hormone disrupting – that’s how harmful your shiny kitchen aid is. When plastic is heated in the microwave, even the plastic of baby bottles, a harmful chemical is released into the food. Bisphenol A is the name, and causing neural damage is its game!

So, Dear Mom…

Please, don’t feed the baby anything heated in the microwave. Heating food on the stove may take a minute or two more, but it’s worth it. Instead of heating in the microwave, heat water in an electric kettle, and place the food jar or baby bottle in the warm water to bring it to room temperature.

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