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Oh, look you’re 8 weeks pregnant; you know what this points to? Well, your baby is gently growing and is now 8 weeks of age philosophically. The little life inside you can now be known as a fetus as it nurtures into a beautiful offspring. The amazing creation of such a being within your body is far from the human explanation, it’s simply a feeling worth every minute, a lot will change for you this week so stay put.


Mommy Matters

Amongst of many symptoms your body experiences, fatigue is probably the one that we all perhaps hate the most. This is due to the intense workout your body exhibits creating the new life you have yet to meet. It may be time to stare at your wardrobe and possibly a great opportunity for a shopping spree awaits you, as you boobs explode through your shirt and your pants decide to abandon you, it’s all the comfort of your baby occupying more room within your womb.

One thing you can be assured of is that all this bulkiness and symptoms of morning sickness are signs of a successful pregnancy, don’t you just wish your baby a good health, after all, that’s what mother love is all about – if being sick most of the time grants your baby a good development then you’d be up for it right?

Baby Watch

Isn’t it fascinating, now that your baby has actually developed some vital features such as his/her fingers, toes, spine and even their central nervous system is starting to form; and you know what, your child each day will grow 1 millimeter larger hence you can continue to shop, get those fathers to surrender their credit cards as momma needs her fancy clothes. As incredible all this sounds, the child in its eighth week will have formed their heartbeat that produces 160 beats per minute. Doesn’t this just melt your heart away, hearing the first sound of your child’s warm heartbeat that is as pure as the rivers of heaven?

As your body adapts to the hormonal changes of pregnancy, you may get sudden mood swings.

Hey, you would-be moms out there, I have some news for you, your baby is a free bird and so will rock his/her arms & legs around in the new habitation like a dancing star. But not to worry, you aren’t going to feel a thing as a magical substance called amniotic fluid protects you from all the bumps.

Baby Weight and Size

At 8 weeks pregnant, your baby measures around 7/8 inches (2.3 cm) long – about the size of a kidney bean.  Her weight is now about 1/16 oz (2 g).


8 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

This week might commence with deep fatigue, which will no doubt drain you off all your energy but also deliver some hateful signs such as shooting hormonal levels and mild to moderate morning sickness. All these symptoms may be more prevalent in your 10th week as you get further into your pregnancy. Well, have no fear; I have the right guidance for you to battle such discomforts.

Firstly, your diet must be balanced, meaning that you should consume a right amount of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. It is advisable to take frequent but small meals at various intervals such as a fruit or bowl of vegetables every 2 hours.

Other products such as those naturally produced i.e. milk; yogurt and other dairy items are also recommended for intake as they provide you and your baby with vital nutrients such as calcium for bone growth and skeletal function.

A morning walk would be good to stay fit for the upcoming weeks.

To sum up;

  • Take frequent but small meals.
  • Eat organic food i.e. fruits and vegetables
  • Squats can help you a lot during your labor process.
  • A morning walk

Tips and To Do’s

Visit your doctor

Regular visits to your gynecologist, midwife or a specialist doctor are highly recommended as your child’s development should be monitored thoroughly and any pre-birth checks are advised to be carried out for the certainty of a successful pregnancy. This is your chance to display any concerns or misconceptions with your doctor to ensure you are comfortable in your pregnancy, any doubts hence must be cleared immediately via consultations.

Your regular tests will consist of several urine, blood and often saliva tests for a full investigation, it is thus important to regularly get these done to ensure all is well with your baby.

See a dentist

It’s probably a good time to visit a dentist to check your gum health since gums soften and bleed in pregnancy.

Buy a maternity bra

If your breasts feel fuller, get your bust measured by an experienced fitter and buy a supportive maternity bra.

Get a flu shot

To protect your baby and yourself, get a flue shot at any time.


Exercise, as mentioned previously, is a great way to keep yourself healthy and motivated for the rest of your journey. If you were an enthusiastic athlete or exercised regularly prior to your pregnancy then you are recommended to follow the same routine but with mild exercises with the approval of your doctor.

Wow, would you believe how far you’ve come? It’s two months already since you started this adventure ride, time flies doesn’t it? Well, carry on ladies; you are doing a great job of creating a little life inside of you. The experience is absolutely a rewarding one as we bond with our unborn child, waiting to hear the sweet voice calling you momma in less than 7 months now.

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