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At pregnancy week 6, you may end up building up a touch of a split identity, feeling cranky one day and happy the following. Exasperating as this is (particularly in a case when you pride yourself on being in control), what you’re experiencing is quite normal and may get a bit serious as your pregnancy advances. It is because of the fluctuating hormones. However, hormones aside, your whole life is going to change—and who wouldn’t feel passionate about that?


Mommy Matters

Common symptoms during 7th weeks of pregnancy are morning sickness, mood swings, food cravings, fatigue, frequent urination, and constipation.

At 6 weeks pregnant, as your body gets adjusts to accommodate your growing baby, one of the major changes that occur is your hormones. Hormones are produced by different glands throughout your body that regulates physiology and behavior. As such, fluctuating hormones may very well influence your mood. Do not be surprised by this; it might be frustrating, but is something you simply have to go through during your pregnancy.

With your child growing so fast, your body will continuously change and cause a lot of disquiet. As mentioned previously, mood swings will increasingly become a large part of your life, but this will be coupled with intermittent fatigue, nausea, and intense food cravings (which is also caused by those hormones!). It is important during this time to maintain a stable diet consisting of eating several small meals a day. Do not be alarmed if you start gaining weight in the coming weeks, too; this is also common as you would have lost a lot of weight previously due to nausea/morning sickness.

Baby Watch

Your baby might not be due for another 34 weeks, but it is rapidly growing. At 6 weeks pregnant, it might already be moving, and you could possibly hear her heartbeat, which would be beating twice as fast as your own at between 100-160 times a minute.

Furthermore, her extremities – the ears, nose, and mouth – have started to develop. Even inside her little body, all her major organs are continuing to grow, as well as her intestines and her bones. Despite all this, your child is only about a quarter of an inch long – she won’t be kicking quite yet. It will still be many more weeks before your baby will be fully formed and truly moving around within you – probably causing some discomfort along the way!


6 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

Baby Weight and Size

At week 5 of pregnancy, your baby measures around 3/8 inches (8 mm) long. Her weight is now around 0.28 grams, just about the size of a sweet pea.

6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

Common symptoms during 7th weeks of pregnancy are morning sickness, mood swings, food cravings, fatigue, frequent urination, and constipation. Morning sickness is a major factor that might occur at this stage of your pregnancy. There is no immediate way to avoid this, but eating the right kind of food, having lots of fruit, and drinking lots of water/juice could make the sickness less intense.

Over consumption of alcohol and usage of drugs could very well lead to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or birth deficiencies.

Furthermore, a very common problem that women have at week 6 is that one has to go to the bathroom very often. This is because the expanding uterus is pushing against your bladder – which might even cause abdominal pains. You might even suffer constipation. To avoid this, you have to drink plenty of fluids once again, and just accept the fact that you will be visiting the toilet far more often than you are used to. These are simply some of the sacrifices you have to make for your child – but I promise, it will all be worth it.

One of the major factors that determine whether your baby will be healthy by birth or not is how you treat your body during your pregnancy. It is of utmost importance to avoid consuming any fatty foods and alcohol. You have to remember that whatever you eat/drink will inevitably affect your baby as she is connected to you. On that note, it is nearly obvious to say that overconsumption of alcohol and usage of drugs could very well lead to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or birth deficiencies. There is no excuse to risk this.

One of the best ways to reduce the implications of all these issues is to do exercise. Remember, a healthy pregnancy will nearly always lead to a healthy baby. Whilst running might prove difficult over time as your pregnancy progresses, swimming would prove to be an excellent way to keep both you and your growing child healthy. This is simply a point you cannot underestimate!

  • Avoid fatty food.
  • Eat organic food (i.e. fruits and vegetables)
  • Avoid those fragrances that can cause nausea.
  • Go to bed earlier at night.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Take plenty of fluids to avoid the issue of constipation.
  • To cope with constipation, increase the intake of food containing fiber.
  • Exercise is useful for the health of body and the brain. What’s more, it counteracts constipation.

Tips and To Do’s

Plan a Prenatal Appointment with Your Doctor or Midwife

At week 5 of pregnancy, it might seem still to be early in the grand scheme of things but it is still incredibly important that you book an appointment with your doctor or midwife. Having parental care is not only exciting (for at some point you will see your baby inside you!), but it is important to monitor the health of both you and your child. Having the first appointment between your sixth and eight weeks of pregnancy is a must.

It’s time to take multivitamins

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, maintaining a healthy diet, consuming lots of vitamins, and quitting any form of alcoholic consumption, smoking, or usage of drugs is (literally) of vital importance.

Drink plenty of water

You also have to drink lots of water, as now there is more than one who needs it! It is recommended to drink eight to twelve glasses of water during pregnancy. If you are not used to drinking plenty of water, try adding a squeeze of lemon.

Quit smoking

Smoking can cause miscarriage and other severe complications. So quit smoking. If you are addicted to smoking, consult a doctor.

Avoid sauna and hot tub

Hot tub and sauna can cause severe abnormalities and the risk of miscarriage. As a matter of fact, stay away from activities that hoist your body temperature above 102.2 degrees.

Stay positive

The sixth week of pregnancy is still at the start of a long road, but you will already start feeling several symptoms related to your growing baby. As such, it is important to keep your body in shape and avoid consuming anything that might harm you or your baby.

Moreover, visiting the doctor at this point is something you must consider. Your body, both internally and externally, will continue to change – the same can be said about your baby. All you have to do is remain patient, remain positive, and be excited for what will (relatively) soon welcome this world.

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