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During pregnancy week 5, change starts to happen. This is the week where your body begins to adapt to the baby growing inside. You will often feel ill and might have to even completely change your lifestyle – however, at the end of it all, it will be more than worth it. This article will simply guide you through what you might experience during this vital week and all the weeks to come, to make sure you are prepared for all the challenges that are ahead.

Fetal Size Week 5 Pregnancy

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Baby Watch

Let’s start by looking at what is happening inside you during the 5th week. The fifth obstetric week is merely the third week since conception; as such, your baby is only three weeks old, and would comfortably fit within the length of your smallest fingernail. However, do not be fooled – despite its small size, your baby is growing very rapidly and developing all the necessary organs and systems to live.

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for– Pablo Picasso

The ectoderm, which is currently the outmost layer of cells and tissue in your baby’s body, will develop her epidermis as well as her nerve tissue, spinal cord, and brain. Her heart – which derives from the ‘middle’ layer of cells, the mesoderm – divides into chambers and starts to beat. Combined with the development of the circulatory systems, blood begins to flow within her small body, and organs, muscles, and bones will start to form. The innermost layer of cells, the endoderm, will aid in the development of some of your child’s most important functions by creating the respiratory and urinary systems, as well as the pancreas.

Amidst all this, your very own connection with baby starts to form, as it is the fifth week where the placenta and umbilical cord starts to emerge.

Mommy Matters

The changes that are rapidly happening to your baby will inevitably affect you as well. The fifth week is where pregnancy symptoms replace menstruation, as your uterus increases in size. It is very likely that you will experience some of the following symptoms: sore breasts, increased fatigue, frequent urination, cramps, food cramps, mood swings, light-headedness and even nausea.

Common pregnancy symptoms during this week are sore breasts, increased fatigue, frequent urination, cramps, food cramps, mood swings, light-headedness and even nausea.

However, your physical shape will not yet change dramatically, and often it would seem that everyone else is oblivious to the change that you are feeling. Conversely, if you are not having any of these symptoms, you should not have to worry – in rare cases, it is still possible to have no symptoms at all.

However, if you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, there are several ways to ease your discomfort. Eating several small meals, rather than the traditional two/three big meals a day, might help with your nausea and even benefit your health in the long run. Light-headedness is a result of your lower blood pressure, which normally happens when you are pregnant. It is important not to over-exert yourself when you are feeling dizzy, as you might very well faint.


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5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

You’re not alone! 4% of women in the United States are pregnant right now.

Nausea, urination, and vomiting are the main issues during the fifth week of pregnancy. However, there are several symptoms which you simply have to deal with. Having to run to the bathroom all the time is normal as your expanding uterus is pressing against your bladder. This expansion might also cause cramps. There is no way to solve this problem apart from being very close to a bathroom at any given time, and taking it easy when the cramps kick in.

Furthermore, during this week your hormones start to drastically change – raising many issues ranging from random food cravings to mood swings. Be assured that this is completely normal and you are not going crazy – and try to take as good care of yourself as possible.

Here are some tips to deal with such issues:

  • Eat small meals within the time span of 1 to 2 hours.
  • Drink fizzy beverages.
  • Use ginger in your food because it helps in decreasing nausea.
  • Smelling fresh orange and lemon is also good.
  • Brush your teeth regularly.
  • Use Acupressure wristbands.
  • Take prenatal vitamins i.e. folic acid etc.

Tips and To Do’s:


During 5th week of pregnancy, it is incredibly important to exercise. Remember that having a healthy pregnancy will almost inevitably lead to having a healthy baby. Swimming is an excellent way to ensure this.

No use of alcohol

Furthermore, alcohol and smoking are very dangerous to your pregnancy, especially from the fifth week going forward. For example, in an extreme example, babies can be born alcohol-dependent. There is absolutely no justification to risk this happening.

Change your food

As mentioned earlier, your food cravings might change – but it is incredibly important to stick to a healthy diet and to eat several small meals rather than a few big ones.

Avoid stress and panic

One of the most important things is to protect yourself from stress during this phase. Any unpleasant event can cause harmful effects to your body and subsequently to your baby.

Daily intake of vitamins

Moreover, having a daily intake of vitamins will be beneficial to both your child and yourself, and reducing the consumption of fatty foods, sugar, and coffee will aid to having a healthy baby.

Do Not Literally Eat For Two People

Don’t follow the so-called myths to ‘eat for two people’. As a matter of fact, your baby is still a small embryo and does not require a full meal. If you will start eating the meal for two people, you are expected to gain excess weight. Remember, it is the quality, not the quantity that matters.

Avoid seafood

Undoubtedly, seafood is considered as a source of healthy food. But avoid eating undercooked or raw seafood during this period.

To conclude, everything inside you is changing. As such, it is important that you are correctly adapting your lifestyle and diet, as well as being prepared to deal with the struggles of all these internal changes. You have to remember that a baby is very vulnerable at this stage. Whatever you do to yourself is by extension being done to the baby too.

Take care of yourself, stay positive when going through struggles, and at the end of the day, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful moment in your life.

Congratulations again on your pregnancy and share your experience in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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    • Congratulations! and you won’t be able to hear the heartbeat by yourself :). Consult your doctor and schedule an ultrasound if he/she recommends.