35 Weeks Pregnant


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Hey mom, you’re now 35 weeks pregnant and swiftly approaching towards the end of your pregnancy tenure and welcoming your baby. Let me guide you through the 35th week of your pregnancy journey.


Mommy Matters

The start of your mucus plug dropping will mean more vaginal discharge which will be thick and a pinky, blood-tinged color. By 35 weeks pregnant, your cervical opening has been blocked by this mucus plug during your pregnancy to stop your uterus from being infected by anything. This isn’t a sign that you are about to go into labor at any time and most women lose their mucus plugs about two weeks before labor begins properly.

The baby’s head now presses on your bladder, which means frequent bathroom stops and interrupted sleep. Aches and pains in the pelvic area may well increase.

By 35 weeks pregnant, your uterus has grown to an amazing thousand times its usual size and is now under your ribs. You have probably gained between about 25 and 30 pounds in weight but the good news is that you probably won’t gain any more until the birth.

Baby Watch

At 35 weeks pregnant, the baby won’t have much room to move about. She has reached the length of seventeen or maybe even eighteen inches and will probably weigh around about five pounds. She will definitely still be kicking but won’t be turning over anymore. The hearing will be fully developed and she will respond to noises especially anything high-pitched. The kidneys are also fully developed and the liver will be able to process some waste products.

Your baby may have stationed herself in a head-down position, ready for her exit later this month. She is still busy laying down fat to insulate her after birth.

If the baby is a boy, the testes will have fully descended by now. Most of the baby’s physical development is now completed and she will spend the rest of the time in the womb putting on weight.

Baby Weight and Size

At 35 weeks pregnant, your baby measures around 18-5/8 inches (47.4 cm) long from crown to heel! Her weight is now around 2.6 kg (5 lb and 10 oz) and she is just about the size of a romaine lettuce.


35 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

Tips and To Do’s

Take some rest and enjoy the leisure time

Now is the time to get as much rest as possible and it’s a good idea to take regular afternoon naps. You can also practice the breathing techniques that you’ve been learning. If you’ve been working and have started your maternity leave, then why not treat yourself to some pampering treatments such as a pedicure, manicure or that new hairstyle to make it easier to manage after the baby is born. Your hair becomes much thicker and harder to manage during pregnancy. This due to hormones again, not allowing your hair to grow normally. It can be worse if your hair is naturally dry.

Prepare Partner

Partners should also be preparing for the arrival of the baby. They should be learning how to change diapers and also some techniques on how to sooth a crying baby! There’s plenty of advice available so it’s a good idea to brush up on this. They should also be getting themselves ready for the birth and checking up on how to be the perfect ‘birth partner’!

Don’t Overthink

Around about the 35th week of pregnancy, you are probably starting to think more and more about the birth and how it will be. Of course, this is quite normal and natural. Every woman’s labor is different and it is impossible to predict how it will go but there are ways in which you can gain some sort of control over the situation. These include making sure that you are fully prepared in the best possible way, knowing that you have made the right choices for yourself, the baby, and your partner.

Also, you can ensure that the surroundings for the birth are exactly as you want them. Research has shown that apparently, the ideal surroundings for a birth are the same as those for a romantic night in with your loved one! Privacy, warmth, and subdued lighting….these are all things that help you to focus on the moment in hand with you and your baby. It makes sense really although it may not be possible to create this atmosphere, especially if you are giving birth in a hospital.

Nursing bra

Get fitted for a nursing bra now and get equipped for breast-feeding.

Prepare your substitute at work

If you’re a working mom, prepare instructions for those filling in for you at work if you’re starting maternity leave

Kegel exercises

Keep practicing your Kegel exercises regularly to avoid stress incontinence later.

It’s the 35th week of pregnancy and I know that we keep going over this but it really can’t be said enough! Just to make life easier for yourself after the birth of the baby, make sure that you have everything you need now. Everything from diapers to baby bottles, baby clothes, nursing bras, powdered baby milk, and the all-important car seat!

Check and re-check that your hospital bag is packed, check the best and fastest way to the hospital, check that you have all the required phone numbers and check that your partner is all geared up on everything that they need to know!

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