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Congrats dear mom, you are now 34 weeks pregnant and you have covered a huge part of your pregnancy. Let me guide you through the 34th week of pregnancy.


Mommy Matters

Just when you feel like that you couldn’t possibly get any bigger, your weight gain begins to level off around about the 34th week of pregnancy. However, at 34 weeks pregnant, you still won’t be able to see your feet and you will be sick of your belly button sticking out and you are probably sleeping in your bra but it is not long now and it will all feel worth it when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time!

As your baby gets bigger, her movements are likely to feel stronger, more frequent, and have a recognizable pattern now rather than seeming like isolated kicks.

Also, with a little bit of effort, it really won’t take that long before you are back to the shape you were in before!

Baby Watch

At 34 weeks pregnant, your baby will probably be recognizing sounds and reacting to them. So if you sing to him or her, the chances are that they will find the same songs soothing after they are born!

The baby is also getting ready for her birth and the white, wax-like substance, the vernix caseosa, that keeps the skin protected, is starting to thicken. This will keep the baby’s skin smooth and moisturized during delivery. She will probably be covered in this when she is born but she will soon wash off during the baby’s first bath.

Waste from the amniotic fluid is building up in the gut, forming a sticky substance called meconium, which will be your baby’s first greenish-black poop after the birth.

Also by now, she will be urinating about a pint a day!

Baby Weight and Size

At 34 weeks pregnant, your baby measures around 46.2 cm (18-1/8 inches) long from crown to heel! His/Her weight is around 5 lb 5 oz (2.4 kg) and is about the size of a coconut.


34 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

34 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

You will probably be seeing an increase in vaginal discharge now. This is your hormones working overtime, especially estrogen. The blood flow to the pelvic region is increased and this stimulates the mucous membranes. Wear panties of breathable cotton and also panty liners help with this.

Hemorrhoids are another troublesome complaint. There are creams and ointments available for them and also try doing Kegels to improve the circulation in that area.

Yet another problem is swollen feet and ankles or edema which occurs as your body gets bigger and so retains more fluids. You actually need to drink more fluids which, strangely enough, help relieve this and try and wear comfortable footwear.

You may be feeling a bit down by now and this is quite normal. Many women feel slightly depressed during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you are feeling really low.

If you are being bothered by backache then try not sitting for too long, this can aggravate it. There are a lot of remedies for backache and it is a question of keep trying until you find one that works. It is happening because your center of gravity is moving from your belly to your back and this puts a lot of pressure on your lower back causing the pain.

Tips and To Do’s

Pain relief options

You need to make sure that you know all the pain relief options available for childbirth. You can change your mind but it is good to know so that you can make an informed decision. Also, practice the breathing techniques.

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes

Your eyes may be unusually dry and sensitive so it is a good idea to wear sunglasses when you’re out and also to use some eye drops.

Hospital visit

If you are having a hospital birth, then contact the hospital and ask if you can visit the maternity unit just to see how things are there. They may also have an online tour that you can take. Find out about the admissions procedure and their monitoring procedure during labor and also the policy for you eating and drinking during labor.

Consult your midwife regularly

You should be seeing your midwife regularly by the 34th week of pregnancy and now is the time to make a list of any final questions that you may have about anything to do with the birth.

When the actual time comes and you do go into labor then you must consult your midwife. They will almost certainly tell you to stay at home for as long as possible. You need to take their advice and also read up on tips on the early stages of labor.

Talk to your partner

Make sure that your partner is fully on board and on the same page regarding all this. They need to know what an important role they have in all this. For example things to bring to the hospital for you, the baby and themselves!

Check the baby seat

If you have bought a baby seat for the car, then do make sure it is fitted properly. It is surprising how many people get this wrong! It is a good idea to get it fitted professionally.

At 34 weeks pregnant, there is still about another month or so to go before full term but it is just as well to be prepared for every eventuality!

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