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By the 28th week of pregnancy, you are reaching the final stages…the end is in sight! It’s possible that your baby may be in the breech position but there is still plenty of time for it to turn itself around by the birth date. If this doesn’t happen you will have to give birth by C-section. Your healthcare provider will provide you fetal movement chart around this time. At 28 weeks pregnant, you should have your blood test results back and these will show if it contains the Rh antibody. If this is the case then you will be given an anti-D injection which will also be repeated in the 36th week.



Mommy Matters

With the end getting closer and going into the final trimester, you should be seeing your health care provider every couple of weeks.

Your breasts are gearing up for feeding your baby. Pregnancy hormones increase the blood low to the breasts and cause changes to the tissue, the veins become more prominent, and
they may increase in size.

When you had your blood glucose tests done previously, if the results were high and you haven’t had a follow-up test, then you will almost certainly be given a 3-hour glucose tolerant test. Also, you may be given repeat blood tests for syphilis and HIV and cultures for Chlamydia and gonorrhea. This all depends on your risk factors and is just to check your status before the birth.

At 28 weeks pregnant, you may be suffering from restless leg syndrome or RLS. This is quite common among some women. It is an unpleasant sensation which gives you an irresistible urge to move your lower legs when you are relaxing or trying to get to sleep. The sensation disappears when you are moving and active. The cause of RLS is unknown and to try and relieve the symptoms, you should massage and stretch your legs. Cutting down on caffeine also helps and you can ask your doctor about iron supplements which can also relieve the symptoms.

Baby Watch

Vital development is continuing in the lungs, preparing your baby to breathe at birth.

In the previous few weeks, growth may have slowed down a bit but from the 28th week of pregnancy, the baby really starts to put a spurt on again and now grows quite rapidly. At 28 weeks pregnant, when you have another ultrasound you might notice that baby appears quite a bit plumper. This is because fat is continuing to form under the skin. In this third trimester, the baby’s Endocrinological system and enzyme system will be developing and also the lungs will be reaching maturity. The eyes will be open by now and you will be able to see the eyelids, eyelashes, and eyebrows. There will probably be much more movement from the baby with you receiving frequent punches and kicks!

Baby Weight and Size

At 28 weeks pregnant, your baby measures around 15-1/8 inches (38.6 cm) long from crown to heel! Her weight is now around 1.2 kilograms (2 lb 8 oz), just about the size of a Butternut Squash.


28 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

28 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

If you are suffering from indigestion it might be an idea, instead of eating 3 meals a day, to try eating 4 or 5 snacks or smaller meals. This puts less pressure on the digestive system. Spicy, rich foods don’t help as well as fried foods. These can cause heartburn which is not pleasant at all. Avoid eating late at night as well. Due to your pregnancy, the muscles are much more relaxed and when you’re lying down, it’s hard to get the acids to move out of the stomach. It is, however, safe to take antacids during pregnancy which can be a big help.

Tips and To Do’s

Visiting your doctor

As mentioned before, you will be visiting your doctor every week for a checkup. Make sure that you prepare any questions or worries that you may have before your appointment. The doctor will be more than happy to answer you and set your mind at rest of any concerns.

In the 28th week of pregnancy, you will probably be advised to have another Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis,) even if you had one before the pregnancy. This protects the baby until it is time for them to have their vaccine against these diseases.

Get a good sleep

If you’re suffering from restless leg syndrome, avoid caffeine late in the day, and eat foods containing the amino acid tryptophan, such as pumpkin seeds and yogurt, that triggers the release of the calming brain chemical serotonin, promoting good sleep.

Selection of Pediatrician

At 28 weeks pregnant, it is a good time to find a pediatrician if you haven’t already done so. You and the baby’s doctor can then get to know each other before the baby’s birth.

Be well prepared

It’s still about a few months before the due delivery date but you should still start preparing for it. Get the things ready that you’ll need in the hospital, lists of useful contacts and making sure your partner knows the fastest way to the hospital.

Enjoy the feeling

At 28 weeks pregnant, it is a great time to enjoy! Maybe you could make contact with another expectant mom or maybe even join a group. You can then enjoy this time together, chatting, walking or having a meal. It’s also an idea to keep a diary or journal just to note how you’re feeling at this time. It’s also quite popular nowadays to have a prenatal photo shoot. There’s no need for the expense of a professional photographer. Family or friends can record your pregnancy for posterity just as well and you will have these memories to cherish forever.

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