25 Weeks Pregnant


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At 25 weeks pregnant –the end of second trimester — your thoughts might turn to the birth. Your uterus continues to move upward and organs are compressed by the expanding uterus, and you could feel a bit cramped inside. Your baby’s hands are fully developed and she can grasp anything she comes into contact with.


Mommy Matters

During this week, nearly 20 percent of the moms-to-be suffer from an itchy skin not only on their belly but all over the body. In some cases, 1 in every 100 pregnant women will suffer a severe itching condition known as Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy or simply PUPPP. In normal cases, you will suffer from annoying itchy bumps, although this is no cause for an alarming situation. You can ease the itchiness by applying a calming lotion, or talking to your doctor for advice on the ointments or antihistamine that you can use. At times, the itching may be simply an allergic reaction.

As your digestive system is pulverized, it may be easier to eat smaller, more frequent meals instead of the usual three large meals.

Other common issues while you are at 25 weeks pregnant include constipation and hemorrhoids. The best remedy would be to include foods high in fiber content in your meals. Since hemorrhoids are as a result of constipation, this is more reason why you should keep your nutrition in check. Starting your day with a bowl of cereals with high fiber content will keep these symptoms at bay.

If you have not been reading stories to your baby or singing gentle songs, this is the best time to start to help the baby identify with your voice. Your hair is now growing thicker and a bit lustrous. This is due to the fact that, the hormones that facilitate the shedding of your hair are now forcing it to remain intact on your head. Unfortunately, you will lose most of this hair after the baby arrives.

Blood volume has increased to around 5 liters, and your heart is working hard to pump it around. The blood vessels have relaxed as much as possible, so your blood pressure may rise a little now. It is normal for your hands, feet, and ankles to swell as a result of fluid retention (edema). Severe swelling will need to be monitored.

Baby Watch

At week 25, your little one now has a fully formed face. She is now able to pick up and differentiate between different sounds and voices. Her nipples are now developing while the skin continues to smoothen out to look more like a newborn.  Her nostrils are now clear.

At 25 weeks pregnant, you can hear the baby’s heartbeat by simply pressing an ear into the belly. Your baby’s lungs are now set for their first breath. Although gender was determined earlier, genital differentiation is now almost complete. Your baby is now able to clench a fist and reach her feet. Additionally, the baby has already set a preference for her left or right hand. You can now tell the color of your baby’s hair.

Baby Weight and Size

At 25 weeks pregnant, your baby measures around 14 inches (35.6 cm) long from crown to heel! Her weight is now around 760 grams (1 lb 10-1/4 oz), just about the size of a zucchini.


25 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

25 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

Pregnancy is characterized by a sore back, throbbing feet, a tense neck, and twinges in the hips. It may seem like it is all about aches and pains. To many, this is part of the deal. This does not have to be the case. A woman’s body is well designed to handle pregnancy. Unfortunately, most of the things that make the modern woman’s daily routes end up harming body tissues. Too much sitting, driving instead of walking, rocking high heels, being overweight and inflexible are some of the reasons why being pregnant is a concern. However, remember that these are just temporary issues.

Always have a water bottle and hydrate every now and then to prevent the swelling of your hands and feet, which are quite common at this stage, especially when the weather is hot and humid. In case your face seems puffy or suddenly starts swelling, contact your doctor. Your doctor will look for Preeclampsia, which is a dangerous health condition affecting pregnant women.

Tips and To Do’s

Get the baby stuff ready

It is important to have all essential baby stuff ready. This means moving from a baby store to the other regardless of how tiring the endeavor feels.

Plan a vacation

If you have to take a vacation before the little one arrives, you should book your flight before the 36th week which is the cutoff for airlines. However, your doctor may cut short your vacation if he finds that you are at a higher risk for preterm labor. According to experts, spending hours sitting during long flights can lead to the formation of dangerous blood clots. Stand up after every now and then to stretch your legs while drinking enough water to stay hydrated.

Mom to mom conversation

Some women love the idea of having an obstetrician who has given birth given that she clearly understands what they are going through and therefore likely to understand their concerns.


You need to have the right workout attire. Comfort is everything. Keep off clothing that is pure nylon or polyester which are likely to make you feel overheated. Instead, go for cotton and Lycra which are renowned for their comfort. Alternatively, you can go for those designed to wick sweat from your body, which includes Dri-Fit and Cool Max.

Prenatal appointment

You may have an prenatal appointment this week. The doctor will measure the height of your uterus (the fundus) to check that your baby is growing as expected.

What about the exercise

At pregnancy week 25, you should go easy on your exercises. Your balance is now precarious which is why you need to be extra careful during exercises, especially those that require quick movement and hopping.

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