22 Weeks Pregnant


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Your third trimester is approaching rapidly, being only weeks away. At 22 weeks pregnant, let me tell you about your growing baby and your changing body.


Mommy Matters

During this week, you will notice changes in yourself. As you get bigger, the weight of the baby will change your center of gravity, causing you to arch your back and lean backward slightly. This causes you to walk with wider steps in the style known widely as the ‘pregnancy waddle’. As the pregnancy reaches its’ conclusion, this becomes even more noticeable and it’s important for you to walk slower and more carefully and definitely no high heels!

Stretch marks mayappear because of the uterus expansion. The color of these marks turns from red or dark purple to a shiny, paler color after pregnancy. Keeping yourself hydrated can help with the itchy and dry skin.

At 22 weeks pregnant, you may also feel a bit light-headed or even fainted. This is quite normal and it’s because a lot of your blood is being sent to the womb to help the baby to develop. It’s best not to stand up too fast so that you can allow time for the blood in the lower part of your body to reach your brain, counter-acting any dizzy feelings. If you do start to feel a bit faint just sit down somewhere and put your head between your legs. This will give your blood a chance to get back on track. It is also important to keep your energy levels high and to make sure that your blood sugar levels are not too high or low. Carry some healthy snacks around with you such as some fruit or nuts and raisins so that you can give yourself a boost when needed.

Baby Watch

Tiny nails start to emerge at the base of the nail beds, hair might be appearing on the scalp, and your baby now has eyelashes and eyebrows.

The baby’s skin will become sort of opaque whereas before it was transparent. As a matter of fact, it will be covered in vernix and be red and wrinkly until more fat fills it out. Because the nerve endings and brain cells are developing, the baby will start to gain a sense of touch. She will be moving around and trying to feel and touch things with her hands. The hair on the head and the eyebrows will start to grow but this is not true in all the cases. Remember that some babies come into the world completely bald!

Baby Weight and Size

Your baby measures around 11-3/8 inches (28.9 cm) long from crown to heel! Her weight is now around 501 grams (1.1 lb), just about the size of an eggplant.


22 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

22 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

Painful leg-muscle cramps are a common symptom during this time, with spasms often occurring at night. Flexing the foot and massage can relieve cramps. You may also feel some irregular squeezing sensations in your abdomen which are painless. These are nothing to worry about and it is just your uterus getting in some practice for the time of delivery. These sensations are known as Braxton Hicks.

At 22 weeks pregnant, your doctor may check to see if you’re at risk of pre-term labor. He will look for fetal fibronectin which is a protein that glues the amniotic sac to the uterus. If it is present, he may give you medication to prevent any problems.

During week 22, your muscles in the abdomen will be getting stretched and pushed by your baby growing inside you. You could even have some abdominal muscle separation. You will notice this when you are lying down if there is a sort of bulge in the middle of your abdomen. Your skin will also be expanding and this can itchy and irritable. You can relieve this by applying one of the many lotions available on the market. They will also help to prevent stretch marks.

Tips and To Do’s

Potassium intake

Leg cramps can be a sign of a lack of potassium as can restless legs. Try eating more potassium-rich foods such as bananas and yogurt.

Finalizing your preparations

You are obviously very visibly pregnant at this stage but also hopefully not too uncomfortable. You can still do things such as walk, sit down and bend over quite easily and this might not be the case in a few weeks time. Therefore now is a good time to finish any final shopping, ready for the arrival of the baby and also to finish any last minute touches to the nursery. Nothing too strenuous, though!

Drinking plenty of water

Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water so that your body can replenish the blood volume that is needed. Fluids can also help if you are suffering from headaches. A good sign that you are getting enough fluids is if your urine is clear.

Exercise still matters

In addition to your diet watch, you must also carry out mild exercises to allow blood circulation and prevent stiffness of joints. Exercises such as squats, one leg crossed or sits with both legs folded with ankles touching your thighs. This is mainly for flexibility, which will essentially assist you with labor and so will make the whole delivery process much smoother.

Go for a morning walk

Morning walks are also a good way of exercising with extensive benefits of fresh air, it will allow you to not only feel refreshed but also keep you fit. Don’t you think your child would like a walk to the beach or garden with his/her mommy? It’s a great way of interacting with your upcoming child; vocalizing with your developing child has been linked to positive brain function and mother-child relationship in general.

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