21 Weeks Pregnant


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At 21 weeks pregnant, let your body feel comfortable and just relax! This will prove to be one of the most appreciated weeks of your pregnancy. Interested in discovering what this week has in store for you?


Mommy Matters

These must be some of the most enjoyable pregnancy days. Your weight is nothing to feel worried about now and the initial pregnancy discomfort is simply gone. You may have some interesting situations to deal with when you are 21 weeks pregnant. For example, you might wake up dealing with unwanted acne due to the extended oil production. Be careful about any acne medications because their secondary effects are pretty serious during pregnancy. Also, make sure you do not use any topical products recommended for acne treatments as long as these have not been recommended to you by your doctor.

A large proportion of your increased blood volume is sent to your uterus, and this change in the distribution of your blood can make you feel dizzy at times.

ou may also have to deal with varicose veins when you are 21 weeks pregnant and later on. This is only because the pressure on your legs’ veins increases each day. Your progesterone levels will also tend to get higher and cause a relaxation effect on your veins and this might make things worse. Each new pregnancy, as well as the age factor, can highly influence this aspect as well. Fortunately, there are also ways of preventing or at least minimizing the effects of these pregnancy changes on your body: try to exercise daily, choose your left side for sleep, use a maternity support hose at this stage and whenever you can just let your legs get some rest.

Spider Veins

If you notice certain small blood vessels near the surface of your body skin you should know that you are experiencing the development of the so-called spider veins. These usually tend to develop on the pregnant woman’s face, legs, and ankles. These are easily recognizable through their spider-like pattern covered with little branches that tend to radiate from the center area of the vein which makes them look similar to tree branches. Pregnant women at this stage have also described them as just separate small lines with no clear pattern. The good news, in this case, is that these spider veins will disappear once you give birth.

Baby Watch

The nerves and tiny bones in your baby’s inner ear are developed enough for her to detect sounds. As the nervous system develops, your baby’s movements become more deliberate: she kicks and may suck her thumb.

Your baby already has the eyelids formed and she is pretty busy consuming the amniotic fluid. You must have already felt the joy of your baby’s first moves and might be intrigued to discover that she does not necessarily follow your sleeping schedule. The amniotic fluid enables the baby’s digestive tract to constantly develop. At 21 weeks pregnant, there is also a valuable quantity of caloric intake for your baby from the amniotic fluid. If you are going to have a baby girl, then you should know that her vagina is already formed but will still continue to mature.

Baby Weight and Size

At 21 weeks pregnant, your baby measures around 10-7/8 inches (27.8 cm) long from crown to heel! Her weight is now around 430 grams just about the size of papaya.


21 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

21 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is widely known as the bladder infection. This is a bacterial type of infection that affects the urinary tract and which is more likely to appear during pregnancy due to the variety of urinary tract changes that your body faces during pregnancy.

Not to mention the fact that the uterus is just on top of your bladder and as it grows the urine drainage can be easily blocked due to its extended weight causing the bladder infection. Its treatment should not be neglected because it can have serious side effects such as an ugly kidney infection.

This is how you can minimize the risk of UTI development when you are 21 weeks pregnant:

  • Drink lots of liquids: 6-8 glasses of water or unsweetened fruit juice is the recommended quantity at this stage.
  • Always wipe from the front going to the back each time you urinate.
  • Forget about wearing tight-fitting pants during pregnancy.
  • Cotton underwear, as well as the cotton pantyhose, is highly recommended.
  • Exercise is good for you, but do not exaggerate with activities such as long walks, yoga or swimming.
  • Watch out for bumps! Your belly’s form and size leave no doubt of the pregnant state that you are in!
  • Your feet may swell more often than usual at this stage. Some short sit down and get up sessions might not be a bad option for you in this case.

Also, continue to eat a healthy diet, and avoid fatty, rich foods to counter indigestion.

Tips and To Do’s

Baby Movements

At 21 weeks pregnant, you must have experienced all kinds of baby movements inside the womb. You have felt your baby twisting, kicking or even turning. Sometimes you may get the fake feeling of gas when the baby kicks in the womb. These are the initial gentle movement experiences that you should enjoy because your baby’s kicks will become more and more aggressive as she grows stronger.

Stressful Varicose Veins

During pregnancy, the blood volume and your weight tend to increase and put quite a pressure on your circulatory system. This pressure can easily lead to the development of varicose veins (visibly swollen blood vessels). You should try and keep your weight at a normal level for pregnancy without gaining useless extra weight that will only stress your circulatory system.

Upsetting Backaches

At this stage of your pregnancy, you may feel like your gravity center has seriously shifted and put an extended strain on your back whereas your joints and ligaments simply tend to feel loose and just stretch. The result of these actual body changes has one name: backaches. What might really help with this is a wonderful prenatal massage done by a specialized professional.

Inflamed & Bleeding Gums

Have you noticed that your gums have become inflamed and bleeding? If they are making your toothbrush red then you should definitely avoid consuming any sweets because these tend to help bacteria further develop in your mouth and this leads to unwanted irritations in your gums.

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