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The 17th week of pregnancy marks nearly the halfway point of your pregnancy. You are now finally quite used and comfortable to being pregnant yet the end is far from the sight! At 17 weeks pregnant, your body has changed a lot since your inception but it will only continue to change in the coming months.

If you could be able to see your baby inside you, you would be surprised at her daily growth. Any discomfort will be rewarded soon enough, as eventually, she will come out into this world and into your arms.


Mommy Matters

To deal with this extra volume of blood and stop your blood pressure from increasing, your blood vessels become more flexible and dilate.

At 17 weeks pregnant, it is now safe to say that your bump is quite noticeable. It is very much possible that this will attract a lot of attention and interest, not only from your family but also from passer-bys’. On a related note, the rapid development of your bump might throw you off balance (simply because of the fact that you are not used to having such a heavy stomach!). Try to be more careful when you get up in the morning or when you stand up from your seat. Moreover, wear flat shoes instead of heels as this increases the risk of tripping. It is very easy to fall and you do not want to put yourself and your baby’s health at risk!

Linea Nigra or Pregnancy Line

Moreover, at 17 weeks pregnant, your expanding uterus can now be felt over your belly button. At this point, linea nigra (also known as Pregnancy Line), a slender line that goes between your navel and your pubic bone may be visible. This happens to around 66% of all pregnancies, so if you do have this, you should not worry because it is a very normal thing to have (and disappears or starts to fade a few weeks after the birth of your child). It actually occurs due to your continuously fluctuating hormones causing hyperpigmentation (as such, these hormones are also related to your darkening areolas). If this thin line really does concern or irritate you, sun lotion (or most other forms of lotion) might make the line less obvious.

Your heart is now working at twice its normal rate to pump the increased blood volume around your body. As more blood is diverted to the skin, you may look positively glowing and healthy. You may have a renewed interest in sex, helped by the increased blood flow to the pelvic area.

Baby Watch

The baby’s sexual organs are well-developed now and will be clearly visible. By the end of week 17, all your baby’s milk teeth buds have formed and are nestled in place under the gums.

Amidst your rapidly changing body and fluctuating chemicals, your baby is busy becoming as big as she can. In fact, she is currently building her fat reserves, and in general becoming plump and healthy (as well as being able to keep in her body heat). Fat will eventually make up as much as 66% of her weight when she is eventually born.

At 17 weeks pregnant, you will be able to constantly feel her, as she will continually move, turn, and squirm her way around inside you in the amniotic sac. Fine, soft hair called lanugo covers the entirety of her body to keep her snug and warm. Starting this week, your child’s eyes will finally begin to move, albeit still within the fused lids to keep them safe.

Baby Weight and Size

Your baby measures around 5-5/8 inches (14.2 cm) long from crown to rump and weighs around 190 grams (6-3/4 oz). Just about the size of a large pear.


17 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

17 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

At this stage of your pregnancy, it is incredibly important to get a good night’s rest. However, it will become increasingly difficult to do so. Everything from the random occurrence of morning sickness to a constant sense of restlessness can keep you up late at night. If it especially bothers you, do not hesitate to contact your doctor for advice.

At 17 weeks pregnant, several pregnant women might begin to feel pain and discomfort around the stomach and groin area known as the ‘round ligament’ pain in the medical world, it usually occurs during a second or ensuing pregnancy (although it can happen for first-time mothers-to-be too). You could contact your midwife or your doctor for advice if it bugs you; furthermore, try to avoid any stress or extensive exercise (although a sufficient workout is needed for a healthy baby to be had!).

Pregnancy Squats

Tips and To Do’s

Use of essential oils

The usage of essential oils is helpful for some once you are just past the first trimester (although it is possible to find them during your first few weeks if you are the given approval from your specialist or doctor). Furthermore, even if you have passed the 12-week milestone, not all oils are necessary for a healthy pregnancy. In fact, some oils might invoke a bad reaction that would cause you more harm and stress than necessary! This is why you should only use essential oils (if you really want to) after a consultation with an expert. Oils commonly used for pregnancy include geranium, tea tree oil, frankincense, German chamomile, citrus oils, and lavender.

Suitable clothing

Due to hormonal changes you may feel hotter than usual; dress in breathable fabrics or layers you can adjust.

Eat healthy food

Support your baby’s developing nervous system by eating foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish that’s low in mercury, flaxseed and olive oil. Don’t eat more than 8 to 12 ounces of low-mercury fish each week.

Relax and avoid stress

While your energy levels may have picked up, be careful not to overdo things. Plan plenty of relaxation time and avoid stress.

Snoring remedies

Although it is something you might not want to hear, there is a correlation with an increase of snoring and being pregnant (especially at this time of the pregnancy). Some possible remedies might include a hot drink (like tea) to clear your sinuses. Even sleeping on some stacked pillows (to keep the right body shape during your sleep) could help both you (and your partner) have a peaceful night.

You might be annoyed at your own body at 17 weeks pregnant as it throws up random complications whilst you just keep on getting bigger. This is simply part of the sacrifice you have to make on your way to becoming a mother. Stay relaxed, peaceful, and happy and all of this will fly by as the big day edges ever closer.

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