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Things just seem to get more and more exciting at 16 weeks pregnant. For example, you doctor can now find your baby’s pulse via a Sonicaid. It beats at an intense 120-160 per minute and it should beat that fast, as you baby’s body is very busy growing, both internally and externally. The moment of hearing your child’s heartbeat with such clarity for the first time will undoubtedly be one of the most treasured experiences of your pregnancy.


Mommy Matters

A rise in the production of melanin, the pigment that gives your skin and hair its color, can create temporary skin changes.

Your uterus just keeps on growing. At 16th week of pregnancy, the top of your uterus is now halfway between your pubic bone and your navel, with its supportive ligaments thickening and stretching to accommodate the growth. Despite this intense development going on inside you, you are probably feeling a whole lot better as compared to your first trimester.

Dark patches, called “chloasma,” may appear on your cheeks, forehead, upper lip, and neck. You may develop a dark vertical line down your abdomen, called a linea nigra. These lighten or disappear after birth.

Furthermore, it is around this week that one of the most amazing moments of your pregnancy will arrive, the movement of your child. Despite it taking up to 20 weeks for some ladies, especially those expecting their first child, if you feel a flutter or something like a goldfish swimming inside you, that is your child trying to get comfortable. It could be the most amazing moment of your entire pregnancy.

Baby Watch

Your baby is now the size of an avocado and weighs a meager 140 grams but not for long, for the 16th week signals an intense growing period which will result in a doubling of weight and an increase of length in only a few weeks. At 16 weeks pregnant, you child’s legs have become much more developed, and on her head, the patterning of her scalp has begun. Even toe and fingernails are well on their way.

You may hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time now as your doctor listens in with a fetal heart monitor that is placed on your abdomen to measure sound waves.

Internally, there is much happening as well, for example, her little heart, which beats so fast, is pumping around 25 quarts of blood a day; an amount that will increase with time. As a result of all this intense growth, something interesting has occurred. She can now finally detect sound. That’s right, you can now finally ‘talk’ to your baby, as her ears are now almost fully developed. Interesting times are ahead!

Baby Weight and Size

At 16 weeks pregnant, your baby measures around 5-1/8 inches (13 cm) long from crown to rump and weighs around 140 grams. Just about the size of an avocado.


16 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

During week 16, you will generally experience less nausea, have fewer mood swings, and on the whole, feel a lot happier! At this point in your pregnancy, you should have gained around 11 pounds. By the end of it all, you would have gained around 27-33 pounds but do not worry, this is all being done to benefit the little one inside you.

According to the Institute of Medicine, you should be eating around 340 extra calories a day during your second trimester to accommodate for this. Your doctor may advise you to aim to gain a little more or less depending on several circumstances; whether you started your pregnancy underweight, if you started overweight, or if you are lucky enough to carry twins. Follow their advice as closely as possible, for the health of your child! If you feel like you are gaining weight too rapidly, try having a varied breakfast; eat lots of vegetables, grains, lean meat, and low-fat dairy; have healthy snacks around; do not eat fatty foods; and finally, skip any processed foods.

However, it is important to not skip any meals or go on a complete diet. This might affect the development of your child.

Tips and To Do’s


Pregnancy Exercise

Gentle exercise is very important throughout pregnancy. You can walk (and brisk walk), jog, do yoga, and do some weight exercises. Please do not start this or any workout without prior approval of your doctor.

Visiting the doctor

At 16 weeks pregnant, you should aim to have routine check-ups with your doctor. Try to provide a urine test regularly so they can check your protein and sugar levels. During these check-ups, doctors will take your pulse, blood pressure, and feel your stomach to examine your uterus and your child’s development. Due to this (as well as the opportunity to ask your doctor about anything that is ailing you) it is incredibly important to go to the hospital or specialist’s residence often.

Anatomy Scan

Your doctor will talk to you about the anatomy scan (ultrasound) due soon. If blood tests revealed you were anemic, you may be offered iron supplements.

Eye Drops for dry eyes

If you wear contact lenses, you may find your eyes are drier than usual. Your optician can give you special drops.

Dieting isn’t recommended

Dieting isn’t recommended in pregnancy; try to stick to fresh, healthy foods.

Discuss with your partner

Moreover, it is also important to talk to your partner about what this pregnancy will do to the relationship. Bringing in a new member to the family will always cause havoc on a life that you are used to (and usually for the better!). You should already start making plans for how to take care of your child and she is finally ready to come out, and make it clear that you guys will always be there to support each other as the early months of raising a child (especially for the first time) can be incredibly difficult and draining.

Nevertheless, I am quietly confident that you and your partner will do just fine; as not only will you forever love your child, but you will also have the support of your families and friends.

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