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At 15 weeks pregnant, you are more than used to the everyday struggles and excitement that comes with having your child growing inside you. Your second trimester is well underway, and all the earlier discomforts associated with your first trimester such as morning sickness and nausea should have been dissipated by now. For once, you can worry less and start looking forward to a wondrous moment in a few months’ time.


Mommy Matters

As said before, at 15 weeks pregnant, you are well and truly into your pregnancy right now. However, you should still not be surprised if an unexpected symptom pops up now and again. For example, you nose may be blocked quite often and this is due to the ever-increasing hormonal changes and blood flow (especially to your mucous membranes). This condition is extremely common and even has a medical name, the “rhinitis of pregnancy”.

In addition to glowing skin, you may also find that your hair is fuller and more glossy as hormonal conditions prolong the growth phase of hair and less hair falls out on a daily basis than usual. Nails become healthier and stronger too.

Furthermore, due to the increased blood flow, you might experience regular nosebleeds. There is not much available on the market to relieve these symptoms, although a quick conversation with your doctor would be recommended. Moreover, due to your fluctuating hormones, a whole range of ‘feelings’ from emotions, to food cravings, to sex drive will continuously go up and down in the coming weeks. This is simply due to the numerous stages your body is going through during pregnancy. It is recommended to discuss this issue with your partner so both of you are on the same page.

Baby Watch

Your little child is now around 5 inches long and weighs the size of a small mango. At 15 weeks pregnant, amniotic fluid helps her lungs develop as they run through her tiny nose. Both her legs and arms have grown, and she can now move all her joints and limbs. An exciting aspect of this week is that she can now sense light even though her eyelids are still fused shut.

Your baby’s kidneys are functioning and can filter blood and eliminate waste from the body.

This means that if you shine a flashlight at your stomach, she will try to move away from it! This small interaction with your child will probably be a very emotional one for you, as you can finally start ‘communicating’ with each other. Another important aspect of this week is that for the first time, you might (depending on her position and the clarity of the ultrasound) determine the gender of your child! However, it might be easier to wait a week or two as it will then be easier to determine. But if you are simply too impatient, now is the time to try!

Baby Weight and Size

At 15 weeks pregnant, your baby measures around 4-5/8 (11.6 cm) inches long from crown to rump! Her weight is now around 100 grams. Just about the size of a small mango.


15 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

15 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

With your baby growing at a monumental pace, you might expect several issues to happen at around this week including constipation, indigestion, nosebleeds, and headache. But the problems you are facing around this time are less intense than those of the 1st trimester.

However, there are still some struggles ahead. You might encounter several aches and shivers. Try to eat lean meat, healthy fruit, and vegetables, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Any intense cramping or trouble in breathing should be reported to your doctor immediately. In any case, you should see you doctor once a month; so do not worry, you are being well taken care of.

Tips and To Do’s

Gentle exercise

Pregnancy Exercise

If you don’t already exercise, put a gentle, regular exercise regimen into place. Now is a good time to start a pregnancy yoga class.


At 15 weeks pregnant, if you are thinking of going through this procedure, it will most likely be conducted between the now and the 18th week of your pregnancy. This is a scientific procedure that can test your child for any number of genetic and chromosomal disorders.

Do not feel pressured to do this by anyone – many people do not do it for cultural/religious reasons, or simply because they do not want to. This is completely fine! However, if you have concluded to go ahead with amniocentesis and you are constantly worried, a welcome fact is that most women get good news and complete relief from their worries. So try to keep that stress to a minimum!

Birth plan

It’s not too early to start thinking about your birth plan—where you would like to give birth, who you would like to be with you, and birthing techniques you might consider.

Childbirth classes

You may plan to enroll in childbirth classes this week, if you haven’t done so already. These don’t start until later in pregnancy but can fill up quickly. Your doctor can give you details of hospital and private classes.

Communicating with your baby

The 15th week of pregnancy is one of the most exciting weeks during the 9 month period. At 15 weeks pregnant, you can find out the gender of your child, sense her movements and interact with her for the first time, and even test her for any genetic/chromosomal defects.

Despite still experiencing some pains and hormonal changes, you can finally be incredibly excited and even communicate with the little one inside you. Soon, you will finally be able to communicate with her in the real world.

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