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At 14 weeks pregnant, you are going to experience new changes in your physical appearance and your baby is expected to go through another phase of intense growth. At the end of it, however, it is time to start looking forward, and prepare for the next weeks till the birth of your child.


Mommy Matters

At this stage, energy levels should be increasing, morning sickness and nausea should be on the down, and your stomach might start to show a bit of a ‘bump’. On the whole, this is great news, especially when compared to all the ailments you had to experience during your first trimester.

It’s not uncommon to have a permanently stuffy nose, nosebleeds, and sinus headaches. These are caused by the extra blood low to the mucous membranes.

New symptoms may emerge such as When exactly your ‘bump’ will appear during this trimester depends primarily on a range of factors: whether this is your first pregnancy, your lifestyle, and even your body shape. The ‘bump’ occurs due to your uterus growing so large that it expands above your pubic bone. Meanwhile, the muscles and ligaments stretch and develop to support this growing uterus may give you a few cramps, so do not be overly worried if you feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

Baby Watch

The growth of your baby continues to occur at a speedy rate. Despite only being the size of a lemon, her nervous system has already significantly developed. Your child, for example, can now make facial expressions. A whole range of other developments including the production of urine and the ability to stretch has also and will continue to occur during this exciting week.

The external genitalia are increasingly visible now, and could possibly be seen on an ultrasound.

In terms of body size, her arms and torso have started to grow trying to match with the overly large head (although the legs have not reached their growth spurt yet). Hair has also grown around her body (called the lanugo) to keep her warm enough whilst she develops. Excitingly, she can now wriggle her hands and feet, although in general, she is far too small for you to feel anything. Do not worry, that time will come fairly soon.

Baby Weight and Size

Your baby measures around 4 inches (10.1 cm) long from crown to rump! Her weight is now about 70 grams (2-1/2 oz).


14 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

The second trimester signals the beginning of the end of morning sickness and nausea which is a welcome relief to many mothers-to-be. However, the continuous growth of the uterus will undoubtedly cause a bit of discomfort from time to time. It is common to have a permanently stuffy nose, nosebleeds, and sinus headaches due to extra blood flow to the mucous membranes. You may also experience some new symptoms such as constipation and indigestion.

Additionally, the developing uterus will continue to push against your bladder, meaning that you probably have to sit fairly close to a bathroom quite often. Try to keep up with dealing these issues, one of the best things is to avoid eating too much at one go.

Throughout your pregnancy, it is important to eat several small meals a day rather than aiming for a few big ones. This gives your body enough time to digest and recuperate after each small meal. Furthermore, to avoid any lingering nausea, drink plenty of fluids (especially water).

Tips and To Do’s


Pregnancy Exercises

Since the second trimester signals the end of morning sickness and other discomforts, there is no longer any excuse to not do some gentle exercises! Jogging, walking, and yoga, are all excellent choices for pregnant women to stay fit. Having a healthy body will nearly always lead to having a healthy baby, so try to do as much as you can! Besides, doing exercise leads to natural endorphins subsequently leading to you feeling more awake and energized. This can be vital during a very tiring pregnancy.

Having sex at 14 weeks pregnant

Having no nausea will inevitably lead to having better sex. Moreover, since your stomach’s ‘bump’ isn’t too significant yet, now it is a good time to have a fun in the bedroom! Somewhat oddly, at this time during your pregnancy, an increased sex drive is normal. In addition to that, it is an alternative method to stay active (unless your doctor has told you otherwise).

Visiting your doctor

During week 14 of pregnancy, you should not be experiencing serious stomach aches, migraines, fever, or vaginal bleeding/excessive liquid leakage. If you are suffering from any of this, you have to contact your doctor immediately. Apart from that, any severe, persisting morning sickness warrants the attention of a specialist. Seeing the doctor often will not only help but it will also ensure that both you and your baby are receiving the correct supplements and advice for a healthy pregnancy.

Buy maternity clothes

It’s probably a good time to shop some maternity clothes because with your growing belly, waistbands may be growing too tight.

CVS or Amniocentesis test

If your doctor referred for diagnostic tests such as CVS or amniocentesis, they could be done around this time.

Tell your employer

You are not bound to inform your employer about your pregnancy but discussing it with your boss or HR department sooner means you can talk through plans.

At 14 weeks pregnant, a lot of things might be on your mind, and understandably you could be quite stressed. However, at least you are not suffering from many of the issues associated with the first trimester. You can now get truly excited for the end of the next trimester, which will culminate in the most beautiful moment of your life.

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