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At 13 weeks pregnant, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief; not only will you experience a rapid decline of annoying issues such as morning sickness and general nausea, but you will also be glad to learn that the likelihood of a miscarriage at this point is improbable. In fact, less than 20% pregnancies end in miscarriages. So, be positive! You’re going to have a healthy baby.



Mommy Matters

Despite your child being months away from being developed enough to be born, your breasts have already begun the process of gearing up to feed the new-born baby. In fact, they have initiated the process of producing colostrum, a nutrient-rich kind of milk that will feed your baby during the early days of her life. This type of milk is extremely important because it contains essential antibodies that will protect your baby from several diseases when she is at her most vulnerable stage. It is eventually replaced by breast milk.

As your blood volume continues to increase, your skin may start to take on the characteristic pregnancy “glow;” this, together with your more noticeable belly
can start to signal to others that you’re pregnant.

Furthermore, you might have realized that it has become slightly evident that you are expecting a child. Now is the time to start wearing those elastic clothing! To aid this rapidly developing baby, your body has produced many hormones that get circulated throughout your body; this might, oddly enough, increase your sex drive. It is safe to have sex during pregnancy, so do not worry about this. However, consulting your doctor is recommended.

Moreover, having a milky vaginal discharge is also completely normal at this stage. At 13 weeks pregnant, your vagina expels this discharge to prevent bacteria and infections in the birth canal. The closer the due date gets, the more of this liquid will be discharged to ensure a healthy and successful delivery.

Baby Watch

The hands and feet are no longer webbed, toenails continue to develop, and the numerous bones of the hands and feet start to form.

Congratulations! During the first trimester, your baby has grown at an impressive pace. At the moment, her head is enormous – a whole third of your child’s entire body length (which is by the now size of a peach). Do not worry – it will shrink and by the time of her birth will only be around a quarter of her size.

The huge head is partly due to so many different changes taking place in there at the same time; including the development of teeth and vocal chords. If you could look over the rest of her body, you will also realize that legs and arms have started to grow. Soon she will be able to move them independently and start kicking.

Baby Weight and Size

At 11 weeks pregnant, your baby measures around 3-3/8 inches (8.7 cm) long from crown to rump! Her weight is now about 47 grams (1-1/2 oz). Just about the size of a peach.


13 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

Here is some news that most of you will find extremely welcoming – all that nausea, fatigue, and morning sickness that has tormented you during the first trimester is about to be significantly reduced. The second trimester signals the start of a fully functioning placenta, meaning that your hormone levels will normalize and as such many pregnancy discomforts will vanish or recede.

Moreover, at 13 weeks pregnant, your stomach has started to grow further and out of your pelvis. As said before, this calls for the introduction of your maternity clothes! These types of clothing will give your stomach the additional space it needs; on the whole, you will feel much more comfortable.

With the reduction of all the first trimester issues and the settling of hormones, the second trimester is by far the most peaceful of the three. You better enjoy it whilst you can; for when your stomach starts to grow large and the third trimester kicks in, swollen legs, back aches, and lack of sleep will annoy you till the day you give birth.

At 13 weeks pregnant, it is still incredibly important to maintain a healthy diet. Try to avoid any raw foods or unwashed fruits and vegetables because this is not the time to fall ill. Furthermore, try to avoid fatty or unpasteurized foods and eat as healthily as you can! More importantly, stay away from alcohol or caffeine as in extreme cases; this could affect the development of your baby.

Tips and To Do’s

Exercise (walking, swimming, jogging, yoga)

Pregnancy Exercise

At 13 weeks pregnant, gentle exercise is a must (as long as your doctor gives you the green signal). Going for a long walk or a quick but moderate jog, having a swim, and even doing yoga, are all recommended. Remember, a healthy mom will certainly give birth to a healthy baby. You might not be able to do most of these things by your third trimester, so you better take this opportunity whilst you still can!

Sharing your issues with your friends

Being in constant touch with your doctor is a must. However, it is also critical talking things with your friends, especially if any of them have had a child before. Every pregnancy is unique, however, many fears, doubts, and questions are common to all mothers, and so talking to your friends about this will certainly reduce your stress levels.

Photo Journal

Keep a diary or photo journal of your pregnancy. You can record your growing belly, feelings, and changing symptoms.

Plan a vacation

It is probably a good time to take a vacation when you’re feeling more energetic and not uncomfortably big. Also, most airlines don’t let women fly in advanced pregnancy so, check their latest dates for flying before you buy a ticket.

Join online mom blogs

Finally, at 13 weeks pregnant, looking at blogs might be the last thing on your mind. However, joining an online community of women with similar due dates is actually an excellent way to share stories. At the very least, it will assure you that you are not suffering through any of the struggles alone. Above all, try to enjoy the oncoming second trimester as much as you can. It is, in many ways, the calm before the storm.

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