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2nd trimester is just around the corner. Whilst you might be used to all the discomforts and wonders that come with being pregnant, things will simply just keep on changing for the next few months. Essentially, at 10 weeks pregnant, your baby is just getting bigger and bigger, and your body is striving to adapt to the change.


At week 10, with the right diet, the right care, and most importantly, the right attitude, you will be more than able to pull through. You will soon stop worrying, and start getting excited for what is to come.

Mommy Matters

Due to your child’s rapid growth, some clothes you have been wearing might start to feel uncomfortable. Slight weight gain and bloating are completely normal at this stage. It is recommended to buy clothing with an elastic waistband to keep comfortable. Despite increasing fatigue during this week, it is important to keep doing exercise. Swimming and walking are excellent choices to keep you fitness level up – possibly for the whole nine months.

Common pregnancy symptoms this week are fatigue, constipation, heartburn, bloating, and food cravings. Some moms may experience the end of morning sickness, but if it continues, do not worry.

Remember, exercise increases strength and endurance, something which will help in a few months’ time. In general, your body will continue to expand due to your growing child; and what might seem to be a small bump now will just continue to grow. Don’t you worry at all – all will be forgiven when she is finally born!

Baby Watch

Although she is only the size of a prune and weighs around seven grams, your baby has finally completed the most critical portion of her development – the beginning of the fetal period, where the tissues and organs of her body grew, matured, and are ready to function. She ‘feeds’ by swallowing fluid and through this added energy your baby’s nails and hair are beginning to grow (and her fingers and toes are no longer webbed!).

Furthermore, your child’s limbs can finally bend, and her spine is visible through the skin as it continues to develop. At pregnancy week 10, with the help of a handheld ultrasound called a Doppler, you can now hear your child’s tiny, rapid heartbeats. In the coming weeks, she will continue to grow, and double in size. She will only get bigger and bigger.

Baby Size and Weight

At 10 weeks pregnant, your baby measures around 1-5/8 (4.1 cm) inches long, about the size of a prune and her weight is now about 1/2 oz (7 grams).


10 Weeks Pregnant Infographic

10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Remedies

For some, this week starts the beginning of the end for morning sickness – something they would be very happy about. If it still occurs, do not worry as it will completely disappear within the next few weeks. By the end of the first trimester, nausea and vomiting will be a thing of the past.

Moreover, other pregnancy symptoms will eventually proceed i.e. fatigue, constipation, heartburn, bloating, and food cravings. This will be a welcome relief for many. However, the last throes of these effects might still linger around.

To combat these, you have to have plenty of water. Your body needs plenty of liquid to replenish itself as it strives to feed your baby as well.

Eat healthily; avoid fatty and oily foods and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eat several small meals a day, and try not to eat too much (despite those cravings!). Remember: a healthy mother will certainly lead to a healthy child.

On a similar note, it is important to realize that stress might lead to problems with your pregnancy. Although it might be hard due to the ever-changing nature of your pregnancy, trying to relax is vital for both your healthy and for the development of the little one inside you.

Tips and To Do’s

Time to invest in your clothes

A new wardrobe is soon to be in order. It is important to have a closet full of elastic clothing that can adapt to your growing body. Eventually, you will have to fully revert to maternity clothing, but you do not have to worry about that right now. Just focus on being comfortable in the clothing that you are wearing. If your breasts are tender, wear a soft bra at night.

Visiting your doctor

Moreover, you have probably already had a check-up with your doctor, but it is important to have a follow-up appointment (as per your doctor’s recommendation). At 10th week of pregnancy, if you have any questions about anything that is happening to your body, it is important to ask your doctor so you understand what is happening and get advice for it.

Maternity leave

Look at your employee handbook to see whether you’ll be offered maternity leave.

Stay away from pets like cats

For instance, if you have outdoor cats, quit cleaning their litter box. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, toxoplasmosis is a genuine parasitic contamination transmitted by felines.

Cats get to be tainted by eating rodents, winged creatures, and little creatures, and pass the contamination through their feces… Pregnant ladies may contract toxoplasmosis from cleaning the litter box and pass the disease onto their unborn baby. Contaminated newborn babies may create eye or mind diseases, including visual impairment.

Most of all: relax! Continue planning your nursery and start getting excited. Slowly but surely, your baby is starting to get ready to meet the world.

Last reviewed on: November 17, 2016

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